Hood vs Wolf

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Thiết kế Cuộn

5 x 3

Vòng Quay May Mắn

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Thắng Lớn Nhất


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Biến động

Trung bình

Phạm vi Đặt cược

$0.3 to $450

Giới thiệu trò chơi

Hood vs Wolf (PG Soft): GAME Review & Theme

Hood vs Wolf at BC.GAME is an anime-themed slot that brings the story of Little Red Riding Hood to life with impeccable artwork and fun gameplay. The reels are designed to look like the pink cloth that Hood uses to cover her basket, while above the reels, you will see two extremely well-animated characters: the wolf and Hood. The wolf is depicted as a menacing and intimidating figure with yellow, evil eyes, long fangs, long claws, and purple-black fur, while the Hood is portrayed as a cute and charming girl with pink hair, a red hood, a white-black dress, and a yellow polka dot bow on her head.

While you spin the reels, the intensity never dies down as the wolf constantly attempts to pounce on the Hood while she fights to keep him at bay. To further enhance the gameplay experience, an epic soundtrack has been included, which perfectly complements the action-packed sequences. The music gives you an adrenaline rush, intensifying the mood and immersing you fully in the game.

About Hood vs Wolf (PG Soft) at BC.GAME

Hood vs Wolf from PG Soft is a medium-volatility online casino slot that offers a balanced mix of frequent smaller wins and occasional big payouts. It has a 5 x 3 reel layout with 30 paylines, giving you a variety of ways to win and ensuring that the gameplay remains engaging and unpredictable.

The 95.39% Return to Player (RTP) for Hood vs Wolf is average compared to other titles in the iGaming industry. Nonetheless, it has a very high hit rate of 37%, so every third spin is likely to result in a win, making the game more rewarding and providing you with a greater chance of experiencing a 4,150x maximum payout.

Pay Table and Bet Size

Hood vs Wolf at BC.GAME has an extremely wide betting range from $0.3 to $450, making it an excellent choice for players who prefer to play conservatively and, at the same time, also catering to high rollers.

Its pay table is designed to encourage you to aim for the free spins round rather than rely on modest rewards. Wilds pay 16x for five symbols on the reels. The low-paying symbols are card ranks J, Q, K, and A, with a payout value ranging from 0.1x for three identical symbols to 1x for five. Further on the list are four medium-paying symbols: a wolf tail, flowers, wolf claws, and Hood's basket, with a 1.6x to 2.6x bet multiplier range for five matches. And finally, a wolf and Hood are high-paying symbols that give you a 5x reward for five identical symbols.

Features of Hood vs Wolf (PG Soft)


A wild symbol serves as a substitute for all other symbols on the reels except for the Hood and Wolf Rock, Paper, and Scissors money symbols, as well as the Hood and Wolf scatter symbols. It is incredibly valuable because it can help you complete winning paylines that you might not have been able to complete otherwise.

Money Symbols

There are two categories of money symbols: the Hood's hands and Wolf's paws, each consisting of three different types: - Rock, Paper, or Scissors. Whenever you land a Paper money symbol, you receive a 5x payout, regardless of whether it is the Hood's hand or Wolf's paw. However, if you are lucky enough to land a Rock or Scissors variant, the payout will be even bigger and equal 8x.

Moreover, the Wolf and Hood money symbols only appear on the second and fourth reels, respectively. If they land simultaneously on their corresponding reels, the winning symbol will reward you with its respective payout. Just like in real life, the logic behind the winning symbol is relatively straightforward: rock beats scissors, scissors beat paper, and paper beats rock. So, it is not just about luck; you also need to use your strategic thinking skills to win big when getting these symbols.

Battle Feature

Wolf and Hood occupy the top screen of the game, with Hood taking up the right half and Wolf taking up the left. As the reels spin, you get to watch as these two characters engage in a thrilling battle to see who will come out on top.

Above the reels and below the characters, there is a collection bar that shows the progress of both characters and allows you to keep track of the battle. On any spin, you have the chance to collect Hood scatter symbols and/or Wolf scatter symbols. These symbols are added to the collection bar and can make a big difference in the game.

If you manage to collect more Hood scatter symbols than Wolf scatter symbols on a single spin, the Hood score in the collection bar will increase while the Wolf score will decrease by the difference between the landed symbols and vice versa. The ultimate goal is to get either the Hood or Wolf score to reach 18 to trigger the satisfying Hood or Wolf free spins rounds.

Scatters, Free Spins, and Pick a Bonus Bonus Game
Hood and Wolf scatter symbols are represented as the main symbols, with a distinctive white power border, making them easily identifiable on the reels.

The Wolf free spins round is activated when the Wolf score equals 18 in the collection bar. Prior to its start, you will get to play three matches of a mini pick-a-bonus feature where Hood and Wolf battle it out in a game of Rock Paper Scissors. You can choose which hand to play each time, and if you win all three matches consecutively, you will receive a total of fifteen free spins, with five spins granted for each round. During each spin, a special frame will appear in a random slot position, and in case any wilds, Hood's basket, or flower symbols hit in this special frame, three to eight wild symbols will replace random symbols on the reels, resulting in significant wins.

The Hood free spins round is identical to the Wolf version but with two minor differences. To trigger this feature, you must collect 18 Hood scatter symbols in the collection bar, and instead of one, five special frames will appear in random slot positions. If Wolf's claws or tail symbols land in one or more of these special frames, they will transform into wild symbols, providing you with even more opportunities to win big.

Hood vs Wolf (PG Soft): Summary

Hood vs Wolf from PG Soft is an exceptional casino slot that immerses you in an anime-like experience. With its captivating graphics and lucrative gameplay, this game offers a delightful sensory experience you will not want to miss. The Rock Paper Scissors mini-game is like a second game within the game, providing you with even more excitement and entertainment. It is simply astonishing how PG Soft has managed to transform a classic fairytale into a feature-rich slot, and their unique interpretation, combined with the beautiful artwork, really sets Hood vs Wolf apart from other casino titles at BC.GAME.

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